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Pamela Fulcher is a freelance photographer currently based  in Rockport, Texas.

An appreciation for all art media started early with a visit to the Prado Museum Madrid as a child and progressively expanded in adulthood through formal education and exposure to work of other artists. An appreciation for art in nature and art in our daily lives began early as her parents fostered a love to get "out and about" from the start. Pam earned a degree in Studio Art and Art Education from the State University of New York at Potsdam with a "focus" on photography. As a high school art teacher in New York and Arizona, her enthusiasm and infectious love of the subject matter was described as being equal parts inspiration and instruction by both students and faculty alike.

Teaching art and the many media of expression was truly fulfilling but the desire to create was stronger, leading Pam down a path of experimentation with everything from stained glass to pottery, oil painting, print making, graphic design  and photography.

In photography, Pam found a wide range of tools to express emotion that was underpinned by the basic elements of art. Using her classic art training and esthetic vision, she strives to create images that elicit emotion, tell stories or simply bring pleasure to the viewer.

As the medium has evolved from film to digital files and image postproduction has moved out of the darkroom and onto the computer, Pam has evolved with it, looking for new opportunities to create her unique images.

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